Washroom Supplies in Preston

Washrrom Supplies in PrestonIf you’re looking for washroom supplies in Preston, Wipe-X has an excellent range to choose from. For more than three decades, we have made it our mission to provide cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment for businesses as well as households. We help you meet your business hygiene and cleanliness standards so that you make an impression in more ways than one. Your potential and current clients will be comfortable in your area and those who visit your home will also be at peace, not to mention you’ll love coming back to a clean home and get to relax from a busy day being out and about. With the proper cleaning supplies, you’ll be able to maintain a clean environment and keep your health in check.

Whether organic or otherwise, you can choose from our stock of supplies that suit you best. In Preston, washroom supplies are available in name brands and also cheaper but still very effective alternatives. We have paper products that can be purchased in bulk so you don’t have to think about buying them too often. We also have dispensers for said paper products so that they can be displayed in a convenient manner in the washroom. We also stock heavy-duty hand cleaners for a proper clean after every bathroom use. Additionally, we have perfumed hand soaps and liquids to add a little fragranced delight to your clean hands and washroom in general. With our top-notch large selection of toilet cleaners, including disinfectant and bleach, your washroom cleaning routine will always be a delight to do and will help eliminate any disease-causing germs.

Regardless of the sector you work in, we provide washroom supplies in Preston at competitive prices. Contact Wipe-X for both brand and non-brand products. Picking it up yourself need not be a worry as we can have them delivered to you as soon as you need them. We also have cleaning supplements such as gloves in stock. Other products we have in store include oils and lubricants that can be used for various jobs as well as WD-40 and plastic banding and steel strapping.

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