Dispensers in St Helens

Dispensers in St Helens Wipe-X is a leading brand name for the supply of dispensers in St Helens for more than thirty years. We provide cleaning products and supplies, dispensers and services to businesses, making sure to cover aspects of health and hygiene in as comprehensive a way as possible. We can proudly declare that we take care of most hygiene requirements both domestic and commercial, whatever they may be. We take responsibility for providing a safe and clean environment for you, every day without a worry in the world!

For businesses in St Helens, dispensers manufactured by Wipe-X come in a wide range, based on the kind of use they may be put to a T. As leading suppliers of cleaning agents in business environments, it is also important that these products are stored and dispensed effectively. Cleaners and detergents are produced in large quantities, often as concentrates to be diluted as and when required. From cleaning products for walls, floors sinks, toilets, drains to paper towels, hand wash soaps, wipes and feather dusters, we have top quality brands to cater to all your needs. Our dispensers are also top of the range in quality and efficiency. Having one that is of a poor quality or not working optimally can hamper the smooth functioning of businesses and may also affect your overall image. Broken covers or dispensers of poor quality will definitely not make a great impression on outsiders and employees alike.

Our dispensers in St Helens are made to last but may require attention from time to time to prevent breakdowns or interruptions. They are designed to be user-friendly and go a long way in keeping high traffic areas tidy, efficient and running like clock-work! To find out more about our available dispensers, contact us today. Our bespoke dispensers can be customised for specific functions, in case you cannot find a perfect match in our inventory. Our customer base extends across the business, food, health and education industries. They value our services and the proficiency of our qualified staff who cater to all your needs at very competitive prices. Their advice is invaluable on optimising efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace at all times.

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