WD40 in Parbold

WD40 in ParboldWD40 in Parbold is one item no home or business should be without. This lubricant is universally used for innumerable applications in all manner of things. It can be used in a vehicle workshop to loosen bolts and nuts or to lubricate tight parts making them easy to undo. In the home, it can be used to lubricate squeaky door hinges or locks or just about anything else. It is a wondrous invention that has proven itself time and time again.  Besides being a lubricant it is also a water displacement spray.  This allows it to be sprayed onto metal where it forms a coat and keeps rust at bay.  The uses are endless.  It can be used on hinges of all shapes and sizes as well as on screws, nuts and bolts.  It was originally designed to protect the outer skin of missiles from rust and corrosion.

There are a few items that people always keep to hand in case of need. In Parbold, WD40 is one of these along with various other universally used items. The benefits of a spray lubricant compared to a tin or tub of oil is that the spray is easily directed at the item that needs lubricating such as a zipper on clothing or a bag that is jammed. It delivers as much or little as is needed and does not run all over the place. People have been relying on WD40 for decades and the usefulness of the product has been passed on through the generations.

The WD40 in Parbold is only one of our wide range of products. Contact Wipe-X today to order your supply of high-quality oils and lubricants. We have been in the industrial supply business for over 30 years and our experience has led to us stocking the highest quality products at very affordable prices. We also supply a wide selection of cleaning supplies from detergents and paper towels to wipes and washroom supplies.  We also supply a large range of items to the catering cleaning sector and have an inexpensive range of washroom supplies.  We have a stock of gloves available for all purposes and stock commercial cleaning products as well as plastic banding and steel strapping.

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