Sonax in Ormskirk

Sonax in OrmskirkSonax in Ormskirk is available for motorists who want a spotlessly clean car. A powerful dirt-dissolving cleaner, it is guaranteed to clean the most stubborn dirt. As a result of its excellent cleaning properties, it is now one of the most recognised and favoured brands in the world. The company works with leading auto manufacturers, and this ensures that the Sonax products work well with the latest paint finishes and auto materials. If you are interested in purchasing a superior vehicle-cleaning product, speak to Wipe-X.

For vehicle owners in Ormskirk, Sonax is worth the investment. Sonax was one of the first companies in the world to introduce environmentally pro-active formulas. Sonax has ensured that strict guidelines are adhered to during all phases of product development to ensure that the products are both effective and environmentally friendly. At Wipe-X, we offer Sonax to our customers at affordable prices. We are proud to offer a variety of effective and superior cleaning products, and have done so for over 30 years. Sonax offers a range of products, all of which are designed to thoroughly clean, buff and polish your car. These products protect your car’s paintwork using a resistant network which is made from organic and inorganic components. You can be sure that it produces a silky, smooth surface with an outstanding drip off effect.

For top-quality Sonax in Ormskirk at affordable prices, contact Wipe-X today. Not only do we offer Sonax products, but also a huge range of both domestic and commercial cleaning products, as well as oils, lubricants and other automotive consumables. Included in our range of products are a wide selection of quality industrial detergents, general cleaners and industrial cleaners. These include brand names such as Kemtec and Nerta. Whatever you need to keep your place of business, including restaurants, pubs, garages and offices clean, we can assist. Should you need advice on the most suitable cleaning product for your business’ needs, be sure to speak to our knowledgeable and friendly team. Ensure your vehicles – and your place of business – is spotlessly and hygienically clean with top quality cleaning products from Wipe-X.

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