Ad Blue in Southport

Ad Blue in SouthportIf you own a powerful diesel engine car, Ad Blue in Southport is part of your vehicle maintenance schedule. We stock Ad Blue so you can keep it on hand in case you run low. If your car came with an Ad Blue tank, it’s easy enough to add it yourself. Your car will send a warning signal when the supply is getting low and you don’t want to ignore that. If you do, and suddenly run out while driving, your car will stop. Some drivers keep one of our 5 litre size containers of Ad Blue in the boot, just in case. So, for some cars, Ad Blue is not optional. The car manufacturer requires it for proper operation of the car because the Euro 6 regulations require the technology be used as a fuel additive to diesel exhaust systems to lower harmful emissions.

We can supply your Ad Blue for your HGV, PSV & Agricultural operations vehicles. For your larger business needs in Southport, Ad Blue along with nozzles and pumps, are available at our supply store. Quantities supplied are from 5 litre up to 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers. Ad Blue is a solution of urea in water. It’s not actually added to the fuel. The solution is added to the exhaust system where it treats pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxides and expels them through the exhaust as harmless vapour. It’s amazing because it neutralises those pollutants. There are knock-off products that claim to be effective but they’re risky and could damage your exhaust system. Ad Blue is the universally accepted product.

We’re your one stop shop for Ad Blue in Southport as well as the many staples for cleaning, lubricating and sanitizing your workplace. Wipe-X cleaning wipes, bathroom supplies, gloves, catering supplies are always in stock. Commercial and industrial cleaners and much more are available at Wipe-X. We have been a trusted supplier of proven brands for over 30 years. Contact us for cleaning supplies and equipment for your business and Ad Blue for your vehicles and farm machinery. Ad Blue additive is proven effective for cleaning our most important environment; our air. We sell in bulk sizes so you save more money.

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