Top Quality Strapex Plastic Banding in Litherland for Your Strapping Needs

plastic banding in Litherland If you are searching for plastic banding in Litherland, Wipe-X is your source. If your business involves packing and distribution then you know plastic banding is an operation staple that needs to be in constant supply. We can help you with that Wipe-X. We stock Strapex plastic strapping which meets the required health and safety standards for securing items, especially abnormally sized and  heavy loads. For fast, consistent and secure strapping we also sell a strapping dispenser that is dependable. Our dispenser is solid, stable and easily portable with large rubber wheels. Everything you need for dispensing, banding and cutting is at your fingertips. There is no waiting when you have a standing order with us a Wipe-X.

The key to selecting the strapping is to know your the weight of each load. In Litherland, plastic banding is most ideal for lighter loads, nylon is for heavier loads and steel strapping, which we also sell, is best for very heavy loads. You want whatever strapping you use to hold items together. Banding also protects against damage and personal injury accidents. At Wipe-X, we’ve chosen to to stock plastic banding because it’s used in so many different industries where there’s a need to hold things together. Packing and distribution companies are major consumers for banding but there are uses for it in construction, agriculture and lumber yards as well. We stock plastic banding in the tensile strength your products require to resist expansion and stretching.

Some plastic banding in Litherland is made from recycled materials and, after use, can be recycled again. This is a product that is sustainable. Our objective at Wipe-X is to supply companies with the materials they need on a consistent basis to operate. Whether it’s lubricants, cleaning agents, catering supplies, paper goods or plastic strapping, we want to be your one stop shop for stocking up on the necessities of everyday business maintenance. Contact us for all your supplies so business can continue uninterrupted. Your supply department can depend on our supply provision so every day is business as usual. We’ve been supplying the cleaning and maintenance supplies for businesses in the area for over 30 years.

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