Need Hydraulic Oils in St Helens? Speak to the Experts

Hydraulic Oils in St HelensHydraulic oils in St Helens are one of those many products of which most business requires a steady supply. There is a use for hydraulic powered equipment and tools in almost every industry. Power tools, automotive, farm machinery, factory machinery, construction equipment, elevators and the list goes on and on. At Wipe-X we supply your recurring needs for cleaning and maintenance products. We keep your stock room replenished with the essentials for everyday operations. When you reach for supplies, you want them to be there. Maintain a standing order with Wipe-X and never run out again. It’s easy enough to estimate your average usage. Order once a month or once a year depending on your needs.

For customers in St Helens, hydraulic oils are among the products we supply. At Wipe-X, we supply the cleaning supplies and equipment, paper goods, bathroom supplies, lubricants and hydraulic oils. For all these tasks, you’ll want a bag or two of our Wipe-X wipers and protective gloves for a myriad of tasks. We are proud to be the supplier to all our business customers of fine products for over thirty years. We think that’s a testament to our effective brands, fair prices and conscientious customer service. Based in Burscough, Lancashire, we serve a wide service area. We think you’ll find all our products to be highly effective. We’ve learned over time that price doesn’t always dictate quality, so we supply quality that is proven in the real world.

In addition to hydraulic oils in St Helens, we at Wipe-X supply other lubricants to our business customers. Here you will find commercial and agricultural oil, engine oils, Red & Delta greases, slideway oils and in a class all it’s own; WD40. Contact Wipe-X and let us supply the lubricants that keep your equipment operating smoothly. Small quantities or by the barrel, we treat all orders with the same customer care. The most common hydraulic oil in use is Hydraulic oils 32-46. We endeavour to stock the best brands with a proven track record. However, if you have a favourite that we don’t stock, we’ll make every effort to get it and supply you with that product with whatever frequency you require.

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