Choose Top Quality Sonax in Orrell, a Leader in Car Cleaners

Sonax in OrrellBuy Sonax in Orrell from Wipe-X in bulk for your auto shop or individual supplies for your home garage. This is the leader in car cleaners for every part of the car. Sonax has been at the forefront of auto care solutions for over 50 years but they don’t rest on past excellence. The push to develop new and better products is ongoing. They see their place as being on the cutting edge of new technology. That’s probably why they were among the first to develop environmentally friendly products without the pressure of government mandates. See a need and fill it is good business practice and it’s good environmental responsibility as well. Sonax has always been proactive in the development of new products and formulations.

Wipe-X has been supplying many industries with the supplies and products needed to operate a clean and safe work environment for over 30 years. In Orrell, the Sonax brand is particularly well known. We supply popular and well known commercial brands of cleaning products and supplies along with highly effective industrial quality brands you may not be familiar with. We also supply the tools and safety gear to clean everything from your executive bathrooms to your diesel engine cleaner. Our products get the job done or we wouldn’t stock them and sell them to our customers. That’s why we’re proud to stock Sonax cleaners for our automotive customers.

Sonax in Orrell makes proven effective cleaners for tyres and rims, your vehicle body and full interior cleaners. They are all safe for your car and for the environment. There are products to put a new car shine back on your car. We have it all in stock at Wipe-X. In addition, we have bags of wipes and protective gloves for the application of Sonax products. Contact Wipe-X or stop by for a price quote on varying quantities of Sonax auto cleaners. While you’re here, stock up on bathroom cleaners and supplies as well as general building cleaning and sanitising. We have everything you need to keep your showroom shining bright and the rest of your business facilities as well.

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