Washroom Supplies in Bolton, Top Quality Products to Meet All Your Requirements

Washroom Supplies in BoltonIf you are looking for washroom supplies in Bolton, Wipe-X is your one-stop shop to buy quality products at the best prices in the Lancashire region. With an extensive catalogue, our company offers multiple cleaning products, not only for residential bathrooms but also for commercial complexes and offices. In addition, we offer products from leading brands, providing everything from wet wipes to the traditional feather duster to dishwashers to floor cleaners and much more. It doesn’t matter what your cleaning needs are, Wipe-X offers a fantastic variety of bleachers, disinfectants and deodorisers in different sizes and concentrations for every conceivable cleaning need.

Depending on your requirements in Bolton, washroom supplies can vary in type and quantity. With us, you will find both branded and non-branded products at competitive prices. You will be able to find cleaning supplies for washrooms including toilet paper, dispensers for paper products such as napkins, professional hand cleaner to remove those difficult to remove stains, soap bars, and liquid soap, which in some cases is better for hand care. At Wipe-X, we have been providing our top quality cleaning products and equipment to businesses for more than three decades. We are pleased to offer everything you need to ensure your premises, whether residential or commercial, are gleaming clean.

Among the washroom supplies in Bolton, there is also a large selection of cleaners for toilets and showers. These include heavy-duty hand cleaners, paper products for washrooms or kitchens as well as a number of different toilet cleaners and disinfectants from top brands. Our commercial cleaning products are suited for the toughest cleaning challenges. Should you have any queries, our expert team is available to assist you with advice and suggestions regarding the most suitable products for your needs. For more information regarding our range of washroom supplies, contact Wipe-X today. Ensure your business’ washroom is fully equipped with top quality supplies. For hand soap to dispensers of paper products and everything in between, you can rely on Wipe-X!

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