Top Quality WD40 in Southport, Perfect for Use in Your Home or Business

WD40 in SouthportIf you need WD40 in Southport, and who doesn’t, we always have it stocked at Wipe-X. As a distributor of all things for the cleaning and maintenance of business establishments of all kinds, we know WD40 is used by every one of them for multiple purposes. WD-40 actually is an abbreviation for Water Displacement-40th attempt. The penetrating oils developer gave it that name because on his 40th try he developed the formula that would prevent corrosion by displacing water. The intended use was as a penetrating oil that would protect electric circuits from moisture in the aerospace industry. That was in 1953 and since then there may be as many as 2000 uses for this extraordinary product.

Within and without the premises of your business, there are squeaks, rust, stuck hinges and bolts, rusty tools, and moving parts that need lubricating. In Southport, WD40 is the product most people reach for to solve those problems. “Put some WD40 on it” is the battle cry heard throughout the world for everything from a squeaky door hinge to crayon removal from carpet and ink stains on your jeans. New uses for WD40 pop up all the time, such as removal of heavy sediment build up in toilets and cleaning piano keys. There is no disputing the fact that WD40 is one of the all-time great product inventions. So, whether for your home, your factory, health club, hospital, office complex, automotive shop and so much more, you always need WD40 on hand.

At Wipe-X, we’ve been keeping our shelves stocked and supplying our customers with WD40 in Southport for thirty years. We also stock the specialised motorbike range of products by WD40 to protect and lubricate your motorbike after every ride. Along with the most necessary WD40 products, Wipe-X also stocks the best commercial grade products to keep your premises sparkling clean and disinfected. You want a clean and healthy workplace for your employees and you want your premises to impress visitors. Contact us and we will tell you about the best products for your toughest jobs. Plus we have all the protective equipment like rubber gloves, cleaning wipes, hats, equipment and tools.

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