Top Quality Plastic Banding in Leyland at Competitive Prices

Plastic Banding in Leyland We can supply your plastic banding in Leyland at our low competitive costs. We know banding is not an optional process for our customers who transport certain product weights. So we want to make sure you have the materials you need when you need them and at a cost effective price. We stock Strapex brand in a variety of widths and thicknesses because it’s proven to be reliable for securing your loads. Additional features of some Strapex plastic banding is UV resistance and a variety of colours. Colours are good for organising your strapping loads. Plastic banding is an ideal alternative if you are replacing steel strapping because it won’t corrode. Another plus is this material is recyclable, which is good since plastic is not biodegradable.

We also have mobile dispensers for plastic banding stabilised on a steel frame with secure rubber wheels. In Leyland, plastic banding tools are also available. The dispenser is equipped with a tray to keep the tools handy. You need to feel confident that when you apply a strap, the item’s stability is reinforced. Plastic strapping even helps absorb impact when the load is in transit. For those loads that require steel banding, we stock that and the tools as well. Many of our customers count on us to supply all their ongoing cleaning and maintenance supplies. That includes, besides banding, lubricants, gloves, cleaners, bags of wipes, paper goods for lunchrooms and bathrooms, catering supplies and more.

Plastic banding in Leyland is a necessary and essential stock item used for securing packages and pallets for transport or for storage. It’s what you need to keep work moving at your place of business. Running out of our plastic banding is just not an option because the result is a work backup and possible missed deadlines. For over thirty years we have been reliably providing a steady supply of the most used commodities in multiple work environments. Contact Wipe-X and get a price quote for the amount and frequency that you need plastic banding replacement. You can count on availability according to your needs.

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