Keep Your Employees Safe with Protective Handwear in Parbold

protective handwear in ParboldProtective handwear in Parbold is crucial to everyday work life. For most jobs, a good pair of the right gloves is an asset. Many people carry out jobs without gloves when, really, they should wear them. Of course, they might if they had a pair handy. The main drawback to wearing work gloves is they disappear. We’ve got that problem solved for you at Wipe-X. We supply all types of businesses with the cleaning and maintenance supplies to keep the work place clean and sanitary. We also supply all the paper goods, disposable cookware and serveware. Our company name is also the name of our cleaning wipes. We sell them by the bag and they’re great for most cleaning jobs.

At Wipe-X, we stock protective gloves for all types of work. For workers in Parbold, protective handwear saves your skin and nails from cuts, rashes and abrasive cleaners. Broken skin anywhere on your body is an invitation to infection so it’s smart to protect them regardless of whether you’re at work or at home. We supply employers that thoughtfully provide protective gloves to their employees. Some gloves enable you to do your job by allowing you to grip and others protect against the spread of disease. We supply every type of protective hand wear for every job. Some are disposable and others reusable. Whichever you need, buying from us in bulk will save you money and assure there’s always a pair available when needed.

For 30 years, Wipe-X has been supplying protective handwear in Parbold along with a huge variety of other standard supplies. Our flexible disposable gloves are free of powder and latex, easy on and off and available in many colours. We sell rubber gloves actually made from natural rubber with a sure grip textured palm and finger. PVC Dot gloves can stand up to most repetition tasks without losing your grip. For the really tough, outdoor heavy work, protect your hands with our Canadian leather rigger gloves. Contact Wipe-X for ordering and pricing. We can make sure you get the right gloves for the right job and always have them handy when you need them.

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