Handy Dispensers in Southport, Helping Keep Rest Rooms Neat

Dispensers in SouthportSometimes, the difference between clutter and order is dispensers in Southport. It can be just that simple. Whatever the product, if it’s dispensed in measured amounts there is less surface clutter, toppled bottles, spills, and debris on the floor. The savings from waste is seriously significant. Wall mounted protective seat covers, toilet paper, soap, lotion, hand sanitisers and paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms organises the space. It’s easier to keep track of needed refills, and inventory for these ongoing necessities. Clear flat surfaces, and the countertops and dispensers are easily cleaned and sanitised with one pass. There is nothing in the way. Just few minutes several times a day will maintain a clean and attractive environment. 

You need two other dispensers to make all the others effective; waste paper containers. For ease of cleaning in Southport, wall mounted covered waste paper dispensers placed in bathroom stalls and near sinks makes floor cleaning easier. A clean and sanitised work place is expected by most employees, regardless of the type of work being done. That is especially true of bathrooms. The same is true if your workplace has a break/lunch room. The benefits of dispensers for ease of cleaning and sanitising is important now more than ever. Here again, the dispensers help prevent waste and represent significant savings. Dispensers for dish soap, paper towels, napkins and paper cups will keep the space tidy and easier to sanitise. 

Wipe-X has been supplying dispensers in Southport as well the cleaning products to stock them for over 30 years. We stock bathroom, break room catering and general cleaning supplies in bulk at bulk prices for businesses. We also supply safety gloves, lubricants and cleaning solvents and equipment. Where dispensers are not appropriate, we recommend pump bottles as the next best thing. Contact us or pay us a visit to compare our prices, products and customer service. Our commercial grade products are selected for environmental safety and effectiveness. You will find your favourite name brands as well. Once your employees see how effective our products are in the workplace, they start wanting them for their home. We welcome all domestic customers as well as commercial clients. 

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