Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners in Burscough, Perfect for Your Business

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners in BurscoughFor heavy duty hand cleaners in Burscough, count on Wipe-X. We have been supplying all kinds of work environments with the supplies they need to maintain a safe and sanitary work place. We stock name brands for bathroom, kitchen and work area cleaning supplies. In addition we supply personal hygiene supplies such as hand soaps, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper and dispensers for those products. Our hand washing cleaners are gentle and fragrant. However, those hand washing products may not be adequate for your factory or automotive centre. Hard working hands in many workplaces get very dirty with hard to remove grime and lubricants. We have the solution with our heavy duty hand cleaner, Cleen Hands.

Cleen Hands is a solvent free cleansing gel that removes ingrained soil and grime from tar, grease, dye, ink, paint and some resins. For those in Burscough, heavy duty hand cleaners don’t have to contain harsh solvents or plastic beads that harm our environment to clean well.  Cleen Hands, a Cleenol product, contains citrus ingredients for cleansing and glycerine to help protect skin. Workers in garages and the printing industry will find this hand cleanser particularly effective. We always have Cleen Hands in stock ready to ship out to you at satisfactory rates. Your workplace may have a separate and designated wash sink. You’ll want to keep it stocked with pump dispensers of Cleen Hands and our strong paper towels.

We recommend Cleen Hands, heavy duty hand cleaners in Burscough. Our supply company has been in business over 30 years so we know what works. Now we know what works and also what’s best for the environment. Cleen Hands wins again because while it complies with EU cosmetic regulations, it’s also biodegradable. Contact Wipe-X and order a supply of Cleen Hands today. Your workers will love how fast this gel cleanser works, leaving behind a clean fresh scent. As a nice companion product, add a supply of Cleen Hands Universal Barrier and Reconditioning Cream to protect and smooth hard working hands. Healthy skin helps hands work harder and longer.

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