Ad Blue in Skelmersdale, Excellent Quality, Excellent Prices

Ad Blue in SkelmersdaleThere is no substitute for Ad Blue in Skelmersdale. Replenish your supply at Wipe-X for the best price around. Automotive garages need to keep a good supply in stock at all times. Customers pull in with little or no warning and declare their dash light is calling for a refill. Be ready for them. You can’t have them driving around blowing black smoke when a little Ad Blue can clean up the emissions and make them harmless. Of course, without Ad Blue, their diesel engines are not even going to start. We can supply you with anywhere between 5 litres and 1000 litres. We have nozzles and pumps as well, both electric and gravity. Commercial vehicles and agriculture machinery equipped with the diesel engine filter are required, in most cases, to use the diesel fuel additive as well.

Ad Blue is 32.5% urea and 67.5 deionised water which is not toxic. It’s safe enough to use at home by the vehicle owner if, in Skelmersdale, Ad Blue is handled carefully and not spilled on metal. There’s no odour which makes it tolerable to use. Wipe-X has been supplying our commercial and private customers for years with Ad Blue fuel additive as well as other automotive supplies. We stock a large selection of brand name oils and lubricants including hydraulic oils, greases, agriculture and commercial oils. We can supply you in quantities from 1, 5, 25, and 205 litre. If we don’t have your product, just tell us; we’ll get it for you. Our mission is to become your reliable supplier of additives, lubricants, and cleaners.

Ad Blue in Skelmersdale is an example of the quality we look for in supplies for our customers. The same standard applies to all of our supplies. We stock your cleaning supplies, bathroom soaps, cleaners and disposable towels, catering equipment and so much more. With us you will find our famous bags of wipers suitable for your dirties jobs or your most delicate detailing tasks. Count on us to keep you supplied with the protective gloves you need for cleaning, serving, working outside or for greasy and messy jobs. Contact Wipe X and we can give you a price for all your stock up supplies over the phone. We’re familiar with all brand names and commercial products and cleaners so ask us for recommendations. While you’re at it, you might as well replenish your supply of WD-40.

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