Top Quality Steel Banding in Litherland for your Business’ Needs

Steel Banding in Litherland If you are looking for steel banding in Litherland, Wipe X can assist. Steel banding is a specialised product used to secure items for distribution. It is the oldest and most well-used banding material today. Steel banding is designed for extreme tasks that require heavy-duty straps. This is what makes it ideal for packaging large pieces of equipment such as industrial equipment and heavy construction materials. We are a leading supplier of industrial supplies, cleaning products and equipment. With over three decades worth of experience, we have earned our spot as a leading supplier of quality steel banding.

You business may need to secure large loads. In Litherland, steel banding that we provide meets required regulations. Health and safety regulations insist that certain industrial items must be secured using steel banding to avoid any accidents. Moreover, steel banding can withstand hot temperatures that are often experienced while transporting items. Steel banding does not break easily. This means that your items can be securely and safely transported.  If your packaged items will be stored or transported for long periods of time, steel banding is a durable option. If you need quality steel banding, we are the company to contact.

Steel banding in Litherland won’t do its job without the correct steel strapping tools. Steel strapping is used manually. A tensioning tool is used to run the band around the secured item and fasten it. The strapping is fastened together by crimping a steel buckle around the ends of the bands. We also supply a mobile dispenser 400mm for use with steel strapping.  Made with a stable steel tube frame, it is a durable product. It also has large rubber wheels, coil brakes and a tray for the needed tools. If you need top quality steel banding for your packaging, contact Wipe X today. We also supply plastic banding for your lighter loads.  For over 30 years, we have provided all our domestic and commercial clients with top quality products at affordable prices. Other than steel and plastic banding, we also offer a range of excellent commercial and domestic cleaning products, along with oils and lubricants.

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