Use AdBlue in Bolton – and Prevent Noxious Emissions

AdBlue in Bolton Keep your new diesel engine topped up with AdBlue in Bolton to prevent noxious emissions. At Wipe-X, we have a wide range of cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and equipment designed for commercial clients. Keeping your business premises clean and hygienic is not just important from a health and safety point of view. It is also important messaging that affects your brand value, reputation and social media presence. We have everything that you require to maintain top-quality cleanliness, including branded and non-branded products. You can have your pick of detergents, general and industrial cleaners, based on your unique requirements.

For motorists in Bolton, AdBlue helps to break down hazardous NOx gases so that they become harmless and can be released safely into the environment. It is a high-quality exhaust fluid that is a mixture of de-ionized water and urea. This mixture can be stored in a special tank in the car, separate from the fuel tank. It works by releasing tiny amounts of AdBlue into the exhaust gas as it emerges, converting the NOx into inert, harmless nitrogen and water. Many clients may be confused about how AdBlue is required to be topped up. Your garage will give you the right advice on this. However, it also depends on the amount and type of driving you do. In general, the average amount used works out to between 4-6 litres per 100 litres of fuel that is burnt. The dashboard light may display an indication when the fluid needs topping up.

AdBlue in Bolton and elsewhere is also environment-friendly. Contact Wipe-X today for more information. It’s important to know more about this product. It is a colourless, safe and non-toxic liquid. However, it may corrode iron, bronze, certain types of aluminium alloys and copper. Its normal shelf life is about a year if stored in the right conditions. We recommend that you always use spill-free systems to avoid any risk. We can supply you with electric or gravity nozzle pumps. You can let us know if you need the product in any quantity, ranging from 5 to 1000 litres.

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