Quality Protective Hand Wear in Bolton for Your Specific Needs

Protective Hand Wear in Bolton You do need protective hand wear in Bolton if you are working with hazardous substances. Gloves protect your hands from harm while you work. The type of work you do determines the type of gloves you need. Construction workers need heavy-duty gloves that offer protection against impact and friction. Heavy-duty gloves also need strong grip support to help the workers hold and carry heavy equipment. Yet, people in the cleaning industry need light, flexible and chemical resistant gloves to keep their skin safe. The nature of your work also determines the durability of your gloves. People working with contaminants need disposable gloves. Yet, technicians working with tools and machines need durable long-lasting gloves.

We provide high-quality yet affordable gloves for the UK market. In Bolton, our protective hand wear is available for every industry and trade. We provide gloves for cleaning, health care, waste management and heavy-duty industrial applications. Our rubber gloves are latex and powder-free to reduce perspiration. We also have latex-free industrial gloves made from natural rubber. Our industrial gloves have textured palm and finger surfaces to improve your grip. We also supply white dot gloves with blue palm embossed PVC dots. The dot gloves are ideal for people working with hand tools. For extreme protection, we recommend our heavy-duty Canadian leather rigger gloves.

If you need protective hand wear in Bolton, we have you covered. We only stock products from reputable manufacturers with a track record for quality. Our staff is trained to focus on our clients’ needs and preferences. We can supply our gloves in bulk where necessary. If you would like to order any of our gloves, contact Wipe-X today. We are also well-known for supplying cleaning products all over the North West. We have been in the trade for more than 30 years. Through diligence and hard work, we have built a brand that stands for reliability and quality. We understand that our customers’ needs vary and are always available to formulate unique packages to suit your needs.

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