Protective Hand Wear in Litherland, Top Quality Choice at Great Prices

Protective Hand Wear in LitherlandProtective hand wear in Litherland is a necessity in many workplaces. If you work in an environment where you are at risk of burns or cuts, protective hand wear is essential. In addition, considering the recent worldwide pandemic, it makes even more sense to use protection for your hands. Heavy duty equipment, sharp implements and chemicals can all have a negative effect on your hands. Working in the medical field requires the use of protective hand wear. As does working in a factory using heavy, and potentially dangerous machinery. If you need protective hand wear for yourself or for your employees, we can assist.

We offer a broad range of top quality products. In Litherland, protective hand wear is part of our extensive range. We can offer protective gloves in a range of colours, styles and sizes. You can choose from powder and latex-free gloves. These are easy to put on and they also help to prevent hands from perspiring in the gloves. In addition, we offer industrial rubber gloves that are made from natural rubber. However, with their unique design with textured fingers and palms, they are useful in increasing the wearer’s grip. Another top quality protective hand wear that we have on offer is the heavy duty Canadian leather rigger gloves. These are perfect for heavy duty work. Our large range of protective hand wear caters to all our customer’s needs.

Our protective hand wear in Litherland is the perfect choice for your requirements. In addition, our prices are competitive. As a long-established company, we’ve provided all our customers with all the cleaning materials they need to keep their businesses spotlessly clean. From washroom supplies, catering cleaning supplies, oils and lubricants to commercial cleaning products, we have what you need at an affordable price. For more details about our protective hand wear, contact Wipe-X today. Our products are available in the quantities you need, for your convenience. You can ensure the safety of your employees with our excellent quality protective hand wear.

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