Excellent Quality Steel Banding in Croston Available for Your Business

Steel Banding in Croston Choose our top quality steel banding in Croston for secure and extended fastening. Our firm is one of the leading suppliers of commercial and industrial cleaning products, supplies and equipment. From our base in Lancashire, we service the neighbouring areas and beyond. We provide you with everything you need to keep your business or commercial premises clean. Whether you want name brand products or generic ones, we ensure that you get consistently excellent quality. Our customers value our focus on affordable prices.

You’ll find, in Croston, steel banding is a special product that is mandated by the Health and Safety authorities when transporting heavy or abnormal loads. This strapping keeps the items securely together without getting damaged, or causing harm/damage to people or property. It can be dispensed with a convenient mobile dispenser that we supply. This 400m dispenser has a stable steel frame, with large-sized rubber wheels, brake and a tray for tools. It combines a seal and cut function and comes with a 3-year warranty. If you require products in bulk quantity, you can inform us and we can supply the exact amount you need. We ensure that the products we supply are eco-friendly and in compliance with health and safety regulations.

There are different types of steel banding in Croston. You can let us know the intended purpose, and our team can help you select the right type. Steel banding has a very high tensile strength, it is resistant to temperate fluctuation, doesn’t stretch and is versatile. It is resistant to UV radiation, and does not corrode. If you’re packaging items such as glass, it ensures that the product stays in place, doesn’t shift or get scratched or chipped. Steel straps are used in boxcars, trailers and semi-trucks to secure the load. You can lock several items together on a pallet using a sealing and crimping tool. Contact Wipe-X today for details about our steel banding. Strapping and securing are essential parts of transportation in the shipping and packaging industry. It is important to hold items secure, inside the packaging and while being handled. Strapping also helps to keep the items safe during storage.

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