Bags of Wipers in Litherland – Ideal for Multiple Applications

Bags of Wipers in Litherland Stock up on bags of wipers in Litherland to save money and time. If you’re the facilities manager in an office or factory, it’s important that you don’t run out of supplies. This can lead to frustration and a bad reputation for your organization. Ensure that you provide the best quality available within your budget. We have been providing cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment for more than three decades. We are based in Burscough, Lancashire but our client base extends throughout this region and beyond. We supply a comprehensive range of cleaning supplies. They range from paper towels, branded detergents, to wipes and feather dusters.

For our clients in Litherland, our bags of wipers match the highest standards in quality. We provide a wide range of wipers that include terry towelling, t-shirt fabric, coloured 100% cotton workshop, polishing hosiery for vehicle detailing and white washed sheeting. These cloths are perfect for general cleaning as well as specialised cleaning processes. Our wipers are lint free, highly absorbent, versatile and good for a number of different applications. The t-shirt fabric is lightweight and easy to pack in bulk. The fine yet dense texture makes it ideal for use in a number of industries such as auto, marine, printing, catering, hospitality and more. Terry towelling fabric is perfect for removing traces of grease and oil. It is also very absorbent, and can quickly mop up spills.

Bags of wipers in Litherland ensure that your workplace remains fresh, clean and hygienic. Whether it’s a heavy duty job, or light polishing work, we have the perfect wiper for you. Most of our wipers are made from 100% cotton cloth that is cut from virgin fabric. These wipers have low lint and high absorption. Towelling fabric is the right one to use in heavy duty engineering and chemical industries. You can choose the level of softness and absorbency based on your requirements. Contact Wipe-X to find out more about our bags of wipers. You can visit our website for further details and fill in the form available there. We can contact you to understand your unique specifications and budget, and offer a free, no-obligation quote.

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