Catering Cleaning Supplies

We have the following stock items within our catering cleaning supplies service

1) Beer Line Cleaners-clear +purple: High active sanitizers and cleaners. Able to remove beer residues from dispensing lines and pumps.
2) Grease Pak: A complete grease dowsing system for commercial kitchens.
3) Dishwasher Liquid: High active low foaming concentrated detergent, for use in auto dishwashers.
4) Rinse Aid: Concentrated liquid for use in auto glass and dish washing.
5) Glass Wash Liquid:High active low foaming detergent for cabinet glass washing machines-cleans glasses ‘streak free!’.
6) Catering Size Cling Film.
7) Catering Size Baking Parchment-Grease proof paper.
8) Catering Size Aluminium Foil.
9) Laundry Powder Concentrated: Low lather.
10)Laundry Softener: Reduces static cling in synthetics and leaves cotton easier to iron.
11) Rational Oven Tablets.
12) Paper Napkins: Assorted sizes and colours.
13) Disposable Blue Hats.
14) Disposable Blue Aprons.
15) Disposable Blue Piping Bags.
16) Disposable Blue Overshoes.
17) Anti Bac Blue Wash Cloths: Impregnated with anti bac for worksurfaces and washing up.
18) Rolls of Blue ‘J’ Cloths.
19) Bags of red ‘J’ Cloths.
20) Bottles of Brasso.
21) Bottles of Baby Oil.
22) Silver Fresh Bactericidal Hand Soap: Contain no perfume or pyes. Ideal for use in the food and Drink Industry.
23) Restore: Glass wash and dishwasher machine cleaner and glass rejuvenator.
24) Trend: A superb perfumed general purpose polish. Quick drying. Easy shine suitable for use on wood, plastic, stainless steel and other hard surfaces.
25) Glint: Window cleaner. Spirit based liquid for easy cleaning of windows, mirrors and glass surfaces.
26) Spray and Wipe: With bactericide. Removes grease, grime and body fat. Quick drying.