Dispensers in Formby

Dispensers in FormbyDispensers in Formby are attractive and functional but there’s more to choosing a soap dispenser that merely having it look attractive in a bathroom or kitchen. The choice of dispenser will depend on where you want to place it, and how many people will be using it. You don’t want to have a huge dispenser attached to a wall if only one person will use it once or twice a day. Most people recoil at the idea of touching sticky, oily soap pumps and this is when an automatic dispenser is called for. Improve the sanitation of your bathrooms and kitchens with stylish, efficient dispensers, made in different sizes, shapes and materials. Wipe-X has been providing excellent cleaning products from Lancashire for more than 30 years, offering their clients a wide selection of cleaning supplies from leading brands.

It doesn’t matter the extent of your cleaning requirements, Wipe-X has a generous range of cleaning supplies to cater for every need and to keep your business fresh and bright. In Formby, dispensers carry a wide selection of quality general cleaners and industrial detergents from top brands such as Kemtec. They also offer attractive dispensers for paper towels and soaps. These paper dispensers hold C-fold towels or multifold towels and are anti-tampering proof. The dispensers are lightweight and are easy to install.

Dispensers in Formby come with options to suit your business operations, from toilet roll dispensers to soap dispensers, air freshener dispensers, medical dispensers and much more. They’re lockable and vandal-proof. Contact Wipe-X about their fantastic range of dispensers that cater for your business. Speak to them about their range of consumables for these dispensers. They cater for all kinds of businesses, whether your need is for heavy duty cleaners for perfumed hand soaps – there is a broad range of products and an attractive dispenser to match.

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