Hydraulic Oil in Ormskirk

Hydraulic Oil in OrmskirkHydraulic Oil in Ormskirk is not hard to find. At Wipe-X, we carry the full range of hydraulic oil for almost every situation. You would be surprised to find how many uses there are for hydraulic oil. You use it in your vehicle’s steering and braking systems and of course in the transmission or gearbox of your car. We don’t only cater for industrial customers who buy the large 25 0r 205-litre drums but also the smaller 1 or 5-litre bottles that you should have on hand for emergency top ups you should be doing on your car. Don’t wait until a system fails, keep a bottle of the correct viscosity hydraulic oil in your garage.

In Ormskirk, hydraulic oil for industrial purposes comes in various grades for a huge variety of applications.  We stock hydraulic oils in grades 32 – 46 in containers from 1 litre to 205 litres. If your company uses bulldozers or excavators you will need a fair amount of oil at a reasonable price. We can also supply grease in red or delta 2 EP. Most hydraulic oils are made of mineral oil base stock.  There are also natural biodegradable oils for environmentally sensitive areas like farming.  Tractors on farms should be using natural hydraulic oils so that there is no contamination should a pipe burst.

Hydraulic Oil in Ormskirk is only one of a range of items we stock.  We will supply your factory or office washroom supplies as well as cleaning products for a wide range of uses,  industrial cleaning solvents, office cleaning products, paper wipes and brushes and brooms to name but a few. We also stock gloves for protecting your hands during cleaning or general protection with industrial uses. Another popular item we stock is banding equipment, from machines to plastic or steel strapping. We cater for a large range of your consumables at very reasonable prices. For more information about hydraulic oils, contact Wipe-X.

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