Oils and Lubricants in Preston

oils and lubricants in PrestonDid you know that Wipe-X stocks a selection of high quality oils and lubricants in Preston? Most people know Wipe-X for our range of cleaning products and supplies for business and industry in the area for over 30 years. Many local businesses depend on Wipe-X to stock their washrooms, keep workers supplied with gloves and all the necessities for a clean worksite. Of course we have WD40, the essential product to keep everything squeak proof and operating smoothly. We also have the motorbike formula WD40. You now know that you can get your engine oils, agriculture and commercial oils where you get your cleaning supplies. Wipe-X carries Slideway, Greases Red and Delta 2EP. We have whatever size you need from 1 litre to 205 litre. Hydraulic oil is also on our shelf. Grab a bag of wipers for the spills.

Businesses need a dependable store where they know they can get the everyday supplies they need when they need them. Here in Preston, oils and lubricants are stocked for machine shop, automotive garage and general maintenance. You can stock up your supply room at good prices when you order from Wipe-X. Now many of our products are suitable for the home. You will find WD40 in the garage and inside the house. Ad Blue fuel additive and engine oil come in sizes for your home garage shelf. Nerta Products for cleaning everything from your car to your kitchen floor are available in personal household sizes.

What Wipe-X wants to achieve with its stock of oils and lubricants in Preston is greater convenience for our clients. Therefore if there is an oil or lubricant that you use regularly, tell us about it and we will endeavor to stock it for you. Contact Wipe-X or come by our store and have a look around at the range of day to day products your business uses every day. There are products to keep the place clean and machinery operating smoothly. Caterers will be pleased to know that we can take care of their grease too; not the kind that makes things work better but the kind that blocks drains. That’s why we carry Grease Pak and restaurants applaud this drain saving product.

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