Oils and Lubricants in Orrell

Oils and Lubricants in OrrellOils and lubricants in Orrell are a staple in any well-maintained commercial facility. Even in the most pristine office building or medical centre, door hinges are going to squeak, anything that has metal moving parts will need to be lubricated for protection and smooth operation. So when you place your order for cleaning supplies and paper goods,  remember to order a supply of oils and lubricants. There should be a can of WD40 in every supply room. Machine shops and auto mechanics will find our lubricating cleaners and polishers easy to use and very effective. Whatever part your business plays in keeping the world spinning, you will need oils and lubricants at some point.

We stock a range of oils and lubricants but if you ever need a product we don’t have, let us know: we’ll get it and make sure to have a supply when next you need it. In Orrell, oil and lubricants for heavy-duty use like that we stock are all high quality. We have Red and Delta 2EP greases, engine oils, agriculture, commercial and hydraulic oils. You can buy it in 1 or 5 litre but also larger quantities of 25 litre and 205 litre. When you order your oils and lubricants along with your other cleaning supplies don’t forget a bag or two of wipers. Whether you’re wiping down the bathrooms or detailing a car, we have the right wipes for the job. No lint 100% cotton, hosiery type cloths essential to auto detailing and terry towels for the big scrubbing jobs plus many more.

We supply your cleaning and maintenance products including oils and lubricants in Orrell. Order your bathroom paper products, soaps, detergents, gloves, wipers, plastic banding and steel strapping and catering supplies. We save you time and money with one stop shopping at prices that are reasonable. You’ll find name brand products and some brands you might not be familiar with. If you want to know what product is best for a particular job, just ask us. Contact Wipe-X or come in and have a look at the oils and lubricants you need that we stock for you. You can reorder as needed or place a standing order for replacement products.

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